Monday, August 07, 2006

Welcome, Mystery Guest!

Dear students,

Our mystery guest is here and your task is to solve the riddle. You can ask the mystery guest questions to find out who the person is, where the person comes from, what the guest likes, etc...

Let's start and have some fun!


1. My first name means 'God of wine', which explains why I like it so much. My version of the name has 6 letters, two of them are the same and the fifth letter is i .

2. I live in the country that produced three great cars.
a. Clue :'Yesterday' 'Will you still need me, when I'm 64?'
b. Clue: Two back RQTUEJG

3. So? The country is: ANGRY ME-----

4. I was born and went to school in: ...g....-----

5. My favourite food is:GYVVC
Clue: minus 5 -----

6. One of my favourite groups is "Female ruler of an independent national state."-----

7. I love SPRUCE TOM (and my wife, of course.)

The Mystery guest


Ramon and Alexandre said...

Is Your favourite food cold or hot?

Antônio and José said...

Was the last World Cup in your country?

Ramon and Alexandre said...

Do you live in Europe or in America?

Ramon and Alexandre said...

Is ice cream your favourite food?

Antônio and José said...

Do you have a son? If you have, how many letters does his name have?

Karen and Carmen said...

What kind of wine do you like?

Is your favorite food prepared with meat?

In your country, does it snow a lot?

Ramon and Alexandre said...

What is your academic formation?

Antônio and José said...

Do you eat only food from your country? Do you prefer sweet or salty food?

Salejandra and Sérgio said...

What kind of music does your favorite group play?

Erika Cruvinel said...

Is your favorite band a Heavy Metal band?
Is "Spruce Tom" someone in your family?

Dennis said...

Greetings CTJers. Sorry if I'm answering a bit late, but I had to have a minor operation yesterday and wasn't able to be at my PC yesterday. I don't mind about the operation, but divorce from my PC was HORRIBLE!!

Ramon and Alexandre - Hi! Hi! (One each).

It is usually hot, but can be cold.


No. But I love ice cream, too.

Antoni and Jose (Hi! Hi! Jose. Forgive me for robbing you of your accent).

Well... I've got an adopted son and a step-son. The adopted son's first name has 5 letters in it.

Karen and Carmen (Hi! Hi! Thanks for having no accents in your names..)

I particularly like red wine.

My favourite food can be prepared with meat, but also without meat. :-)

No.. I wouldn't say it snows a lot - though it snows more in some parts of the country than in others.

Roman and Alexandre Hello again

Mmm. Are you thinking of offering me a job? So you want to know my academic qualfications. I studied History at a very old university and later took an advanced qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Antonio and Jose. Good heavens, no. I should thnk that most of the food I eat comes from other countries - apart from things like milk and bread.

I like sweet food, but I think I prefer salty food, though I try to remember that salt is said to be unhealthy.

Salejandro and Jose.

Mmm. I'm not quite sure that my favourite group still play as a group. An important member of the group died. ** OOPS! Page full

Dennis said...

A new page for the last question


Heavy metal? No.

Spruce Tom? The funny thing is my stepson is called Tom. If you go here you can see his homepage - he is a sort of musician and actor.

BUT,, no, Spruce Tom is not a member of my family - he (it) is an anagram.

A what????

Go here to find out:

And if you want to make your own anagrams...... Blogger won't let me leave this page to get the URL, so I'll send a THIRD message - and then leave you all in peace.

PS. Boo!! Blogger has given away my first name.

Dennis said...

Have fun making anagrams.

(I can now sign, because you all know anyway)

Dionysius, the God of Wine

aka Dennis

(Do you know aka? 'also known as')

Dennis said...

Antonia and Jose-with-an-accent.

I forgot to answer your question.

No, the last World Cup was not in MY country, but.......

I live in Europe. But where? Do I live where I was born?

The god of wine speaking, well - writing.

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