Friday, September 22, 2006

Dennis is back

The estuary in Ynys, Harlech, North Wales next to which we stayed for two weeks

Hello, all of you. We returned last night, after driving about 3000 kilometres in just under four weeks.

I will reply to your WONDERFUL self introductions within the next few days.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Meet Marina

My name is Marina. I'm a psychologist, a clown and a theater actress.

I really love my life 'cause I love my work, and in my free time, I have a lot of fun.

I'm a 27-year-old woman, and I'm dating a 27-year-old psychologist, too! It's very nice 'cause we can help each other and we have a lot in common to talk about. He lives in São Paulo, which is sometimes difficult, but sometimes it's great 'cause we need to travel a lot and I love that. I love to wait for the day I'll meet Fernando.

I have a lot of friends, including my theater group, and it's wonderful to be with them. I love to go to the theater and go dancing. But sometimes we meet only to talk and drink some beer.

Now, I started to have ballet classes again. I had ballet classes when I was a girl, and I'm loving that!



A Very Special Brazilian Clown

Being a clown is like a religion. You have to believe in it. You have to be part of this strange family.The red nose is the smallest mask in the world, so if you really wanna use it, you need to be able to put yourself in evidence, to show yourself.

A clown needs to know himself, know his body, and his fears because it is your worst part who will make people have fun. It is your shadow. The clown puts every little part of this shadow in evidence and gives it to the public.It Is an exercise of giving.

I spent 3 years in a circus school, learning about me, my body, and showing my work every week.Today, I still have a lot to learn. In my blood runs a clown blood, for sure. In a clown’s blood you will find a desire to be clear and true with the public, to show our disasters. In fact, every human being is a disaster, and this strange figure with a red nose and big shoes shows you that it is OK to be a disaster.

When I started to be a clown, my entire life changed. I started to understand who I was, how I acted, and who my family was, and I couldn’t be so selfish and blind like I was, for my clown gave me new eyes.I'm not a kids’ clown. I'm an adults’ clown. I show to adults how arrogant and selfish I can be. It’s funny because I shouldn't have these personality traits as I'm a clown...

I believe I'm beautiful, I'm special, I'm the best with strange shoes and a red nose...This is the beginning and, at this point, laughing evolves.It isn’t a delicate art. Some time ago, a man asked me, “Do you really think you are in beautiful clothes?” And I answered, “I think my beauty blinds you, my dear! Don't ever look at me again, you are not prepared to this much.”So, this is don't need to make your public laugh, you need to make them feel comfortable about being human.


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Meet Rodrigo

My life is very simple, but everything is very special, and my city is really beautiful.

I live in a place in which there are some trees and birds. I like to live there. Another thing about my life in Brasilia is that I have practiced many kinds of sports since I was a child. At the moment, I have been dedicating myself to cycling, especially mountain biking.

I've been married for one year and my marriage is nice in every thing.

Well, I love very much to live in Brasilia.



What do you like doing in your free time?


Monday, September 04, 2006

Meet Alexandre

My name is Alexandre. I was born in Campinas - SP, I’m thirty eight years old and I’m married to Anny. I have two daughters, Vanessa and Julia. Vanessa is my daughter of the first marriage. She is twenty years old, and Julia is my daughter with Anny. She is five years old.

I got married early, when I was only eighteen years old and was a father with the same age. I broke up 5 years after getting married.

And now I’m married for the second time. Anny is my dear friend and my love. We have a story together of fights and victories. She gave me my treasure: Julia. She is a lovely child and I´m often touched when I look at her. I love my family and always respected my parents. I thank to God for our lives and for the education I´ve received.

I’m a calm and friendly person; I often like to spend true moments with my friends and my family.

I’m happy when I can be with my dear only brother André. I love him so much. He is a wonderful guy. We never fought seriously. Sometimes we had some differences, but we always talked to each other and usually understood one another.

I like to play soccer, but I can´t play right now, because I had a surgery of reconstruction of the crossed joint of the knee about eight months ago. I’m doing exercises at the gym to strengthen my legs. I hope to restart playing soon. I usually think about this and sometimes it lets me down, but it isn’t a problem to me.

I traveled a lot while I worked for Cervejarias Kaiser Brazil, I got to know many states and cities in Brazil. Now I’m unemployed and I’m looking for a job in the marketing area. I finished my MBA in Marketing Strategical Management at FGV about two weeks ago. The occupation that I’m looking for could be in marketing or sales too. I like both of them. I’m amazed by the many possibilities that marketing can provide us in business and administration.

My family really loves Brasília. We like so much the quality of life and I’m sure it’s very good to spend our childhood here. We usually enjoy such a wonderful city.

I love gospel music; it makes me feel very well. It makes me think a lot. I’ve had lots of pleasant moments.

I like to travel and know other places. I´ve never traveled abroad. I have a dream which is to improve my English classes and be fluent in this language. I like it so much too. I hope to be a good speaker of English soon, but I known it’s necessary to study hard.



It was a pleasure to see your video and hear the audio slide. Germany is a wonderful country. Thank´s a lot!


1) Please, Dennis, can you inform us about other countries in Europe? Do you know another beautiful country like Germany?

2) How was the World Cup Germany? Did you see the final game?


Meet Salejandra

Hello, Dennis,

My name is Salejandra. I´ve lived in Brasilia since 1968 when I was born. I have three brothers and only one sister. They are married and have many children. My mother lives far from me in Planaltina (a city near Brasilia).

I love music, movie and books. I love my work and my friends. When I was 21 years old, I opened my own business. I worked very hard in the beginning. Now I work enough, I think. I have a good life. I love traveling and I´m going to Amsterdam and Prague next year. I´ve never been to Germany before, but now I want to visit the country to change my opinion about the German people. I´d love if you could tell me more about Germany. If you want, I could tell you more about my city.

I have some questions to you:
  • Have you ever been to Brazil?
  • What do you think about the Brazilian way of life?
  • Do you like music? Which Brazilian musicians do you know?


Meet Ramon

What can I say about my Brazilian life? I will start with the general topics. First, the most beatiful women are in Brazil and second, the beaches are unbelievable. It’s true when they say that the people are poor, but we are Brazilians and the Brazilians never give up.

Now I will tell them about my life. Oh! It’s a very difficult thing to do because I love everything that I do and I’m always in peace with life. But I will try. I never worry about the little things because as Bob Marley had said “every little thing is gonna be alright”.

I study biology and I have to study hard, but I like to study because I love biology. One day, you are going to see me on TV, newspapers, magazines and the firt pages will have these words “The first BRAZILIAN NOBEL PRIZE goes to Ramon Fernandez”.

I want to know all the world, travel a lot, speak many languages, have a lot of money, help people that realy need, get an Audi TT, and I don’t know what else I want. I`m going to stop here because I´d already said all that I wanted. I will finish with a litle thing. My favorite life motto is: “Don’t live your life so seriously because life is a crazy adventure in which we´ll never get away alive”.


Meet Carmen

First of all, I want to tell you I´m a very happy person.

I was born in Ribeirão Preto, a city in the countryside, in the state of São Paulo. But I moved many times, so I started my studies in Orlândia, São Paulo, afterwards I moved back to Ribeirão, where I studied the second and third years of Middle School.

Then, I moved to São Paulo/SP where I spent my teenage years. I was very happy when I was a teenager. I used to go out every Saturday, I used to dance and I sues to have many friends, but, at the same time, I used to study very hard because I wanted to go to College. So I took an entrance exam to study in Brasilia at the Post Office College. I passed and the Post Office Service had a house for the students in Taguatinga ( a dormitory city), so I used to live with 3 girls. It was very fun. The girls were very nice. Everything used to be a discovery. I lived in the Post Office House for two years. When I graduated, I
rented an apartment with other friends, five or six, girls and boys. It was very fun, too. I had many boyfriends and, frequently, I went out to parties and restaurants.

Now, I´m married. I love my husband and my children. They are very nice. My daughter is my friend and my son is my baby. I´m so happy and I like my life. Sometimes I remember my past, but I think my present is even better.
(Carmen is the second on the left)


Meet José Henrique

I was born here in Brasilia ( a note from the teacher: he is from the first generation born in Brasília!). My parents came to this city in the period of its building. They are from Minas Gerais.

I have four brothers, one sister and many relatives. It´s a great family.

I had a great childhood and I grew up in a peaceful family. We always had a simple life...It´s not easy to take care of six children! When I was 15, I started working. It was a second school for me.

Nowadays, I have my family and I can´t complain about life. I like to work, but I always try to find time to stay with my family, my friends. I like to travel every year...

I´ve practiced walking and jogging three times a week in the morning, but I´m sure I still have to find a good sport to practice. I think I have a good lifestyle, always trying to run away from stress...It can still be better, of course.

All those things make me a calm person and help me get along with people.

José Henrique

Meet Sérgio

I´m Sergio. I´m 37 years old. I was born in Brasilia. My parents live in Brasilia. Their names are Miguel and Jeovalda. I have two brothers, Guilherme and Ricardo.

I´m a psychologist. I work at my own office and at a Court. I love my job. I like living in Brasilia. It´s a special city for me. It´s a modern and young city. I like the architecture, buildings, parks, avenues. I think that I will never live in another city. This is a great city to work, raise children and play sports. I like running at the City Park.

In my free time, I like reading a book, listening to music and meeting friends for dinner. Brasília has good movie theaters, but the theater programs are not good. If you want to see shows, musicals or a big play productions, you have to go to Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo.

I like to meet new people. I like talking about music, cinema, trips. If I had more time, I´d try dancing. When I was young, I loved to meet friends and go dancing. If I had more time, I´d take an acting course, too. I think that an actor´s work is admirable.