Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More on music

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Carla, Janaina, Dayniton,Salejandra,

Thanks so very much for all your information about blues bands. If I do a broadcast sometime next year, I will post a link to the recording here.

Ironically, I am rather more fond of Mozart than blues, though I enjoy the atmosphere in live concerts, and I very much enjoy working on the preparation of the annual blues concert with my friends.

As far as my own playing is concerned, with a professional musician friend and bass and violin and far too much electronics I have made a couple of CDs of....Celtic music.

I'll look for a photo, and later I'll see if I can upload a track of one of the two CDs.

I play the recorder - you know, the plastic thing (but mine is wood) that in many countries kids in primary schools learn to play.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brazilian Popular Music - by Salejandra

Brazilian Popular Music is the most important kind of music I’ve ever heard.
BPM has the biggest musical diversity that I know. If you don’t know BPM, you must learn more about it because BPM is interesting and different. There are a lot of important singers in Brazil. They have made many styles of music. Ever since, the most important style of BMP is Samba. everybody knows SAMBA because of the carnival, the most popular rhythm of Brazil. But SAMBA is just a little example of BMP. Have you ever heard AXÉ MUSIC, MANGUE BEACH , SAMBA REGGAE, SAMBA FUNK, CARIMBÓ, FREVO, CATIRÁ, XOTE, FORRO, BAIÃO, MARACATÚ, BUMBA BOI, LAMBADA?

Each state in Brazil has its popular rhythm, Bumba meu Boi in Amazonia, Axé music in Bahia and Frevo in Pernambuco.
In fact, the BPM has been known since the 60s when the BOSSA NOVA appeared. It’s a wonderful rhythm. Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim were the biggest names of Bossa Nova. They composed and played the most famous song called Garota de Ipanema.

In the beginning of the 70s, many important singers created another movement called Tropicalismo. The greatest names of Tropicalismo were Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Maria Betânia, Gal Costa, among others.

I have to show a few of my favorite singers, ‘cause I love Brazilian Popular Music and I really enjoy listening to it. The first singer you should know is Marisa Monte, you have to listen to her songs, she is fantastic, her voice is soft and sometimes strong. I think she is the best singer of BPM. She sings samba, bossa nova, rock and pop. Since her beginning, she has played different kinds of BPM. Nowadays, Vanessa da Mata is the new name of BPM. She is great, too. There are alos men on my list of favorite singer, like Lenine and Zeca Baleiro. They are new names of BPM and, in my opinion, they are the best.

Dennis, access this site: http://www.musicalmpb.com.br


A musical request from Dennis

Hello, friends in Brazil.

I have a request.

First, go here:

The Blues Verstaerker

This a small group I have belonged to for 13 years. We are 'the blues supporters'. We don't play music, but we arrange a blues festival once a year and up to 600 people come. We now have financial support from the city of Osnabrueck and a local bank, so we have been able to invite musicians from abroad, though we usually grab people when they are on an Europen tour - it is cheaper for us.

If you click around the BV (Blues Verstaerker)site, clicking on the piano keys you will find 'Lawine' (waterfall) and the photos and sound clips from the 12 concerts that there have been. (In Introduction you will also find photos of us drinking beer and pretending to plan.

You may also notice that we do regular radio broadcasts.


Are there any Brazilian blues bands? Can you send me any links?

I'd like to do a broadcast on our local radio station on Brazilian Blues - if there are any!!!