Sunday, August 20, 2006

What's it like living in Germany?

Brandenburg Tor Berlin 2006

Here is one way of answering the question (Sergio's?) - What is it like living in Germany?

Here is a Bubbleshare presentation. Make sure your sound is on.

A Saturday morning in Osnabrueck


carla said...

You are amazing, God of Wine!!!

Your bubbleshare makes us go to the places with you... it seems that we're strolling around Osnabrueck with a wonderful tour guide!!! '

I loved to know the Market place, to see the beautiful blue sky, meet your friends, appreciate the flowers. I could almost smell them... I could imagine myself cooking delicious dishes with those colorful vegetables and meat...The frying sauges with a frozen coke made me drool! Walking down the streets to your house was thrilling and I could picture myself sitting in your living room drinking the perfect glass of wine with soft music in the background.

Your garden, the perfect match of colors, softness, the ideal place to read a book and think about life. Your granddaughter must love it! The apple tree? Oh, the apple tree was appealing to the eyes...I just wanted to grab one of those apples and bite a juicy apple really hard.

Thanks for the incredible trip.

We promise to have a tour for you here in brasilia soon!



Dennis said...


Getting such a warm, appreciative, obervant response to "Saturday morning in Osnabrueck" is MOST enjoyable. Thank you very much. May our cooperation prosper.