Thursday, August 17, 2006

Our Top Flex Group

The students in the Video:

Sérgio, generally not shy! A respected psychologist.

Antônio, the drummer and a wonderful student.

Ramon, the biologist and Carioca (from Rio de Janeiro)

Rodrigo, the funniest guy ever. Just joined the group.

Carmen, who loves the postal service! She's dying to know about your favorite food...

Salejandra, the advertiser, a very funny woman!

Karen, the architect and a very nice student.

José Henrique, a very dedicated student and also an architect.

Alexandre, who is reading the Economist!!! He needs to learn English fast for professional reasons.

Lísias and Marina were not in class, and Leolita was shy to record the video! I'll see if I can record a video with them. They are fantastic students!


Dennis said...

Wow! What an impressive monitor you have in your blog. Delighted to see some of you on screen.

I'm sorry to be giving you headaches as you wonder who I am.

I promise you - I'm not George Bush and I am not Tony Blair.

I'll make you a video, too, but I have to wait until the morning. It is too dark in my study to film at the moment.

Please don't stop awake all night wondering about my identity.

carla said...

Dear Dennis,

You are an amazing Guest!!! Thanks for your comments. My students were really intrigued by your riddle and freaked out when I told them I would record them. Some were extremely shy, but, in fact, they are not like this at all.

Everybody in class is participatory, crazy and funny. We have all types there, and I am the lucky teacher to meet them every Tuesday and Thursday, at 7:30 in the morning! It's a pleasure to teach them all.