Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Carla's CTJ students star in new film


Illya said...

What a lovely video and an excellent idea!!! It had me in stitches :-D
(that means I laughed very hard)
I wish I'd had foreign language lessons like that when I was learning German!!!!

Dayniton said...

Hi, Dennis,

You probally don't know me. I'm DAYNITON, Carla's student, I didn't participate too much because I entered in the class late, but I'd like do make the video with the other students. I hope to make one for you.....

I'd like to ask you two questions:

Has someone said that you are just like Santa Claus???

I still don't understand a few anagrams cause I just saw them, but Do you have a wife?


Dennis said...

Welcome, Dayniton. I look forward to seeing any videos any of you make.

I've posted answers to all my questions, now, so your anagram problems should be solved.

Oh yes! I know to some people I am a Father Christmas (Santa Claus) look-alike. Once when I visited distant relatives a small child was asked: "Do you know who this is?" . And she replied: "Yes. It is Father Christmas. But he has forgotten his presents."

Once in the University an unknown student, passing me in the hall where there was a poster of an Indian guru said, pointing: "You?".

Best wishes,


Dennis said...


I didn't answer one of your questions. I was just about to and the lady of the house came in to say good morning to me - and take away five half empty glasses of water and apple juice that had somehow gathered around my computer.

Yes. I'm married to the lovely Anke. We were both married once before and between us have four so-called children (in their mid-thirties at least) scattered around in South Africa, London, Prague and Bratislava - two teachers, one small-part actor and writer and one musician-actor.

I'd put you a photo in, if I could, but I don't know how to do it here. I'll upload something to the main page of the blog.