Monday, March 27, 2006

The Pit and the Pendulum - Part 3

In the last part, the prisoner had the brilliant idea of rubbing spiced meat onto the rope.

  • Did the prisoner's plan work?

  • How did he feel? Try to use some strong, powerful adjectives to define his mood. Access
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  • What happened in the end of this 3rd part? What do you think will be the storyteller's next move?

  • I'm dying to see your imaginative speculations in the "comment" area!

    Wait for more next class.


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    Dayniton said...

    You do not gave to us this third part.... I just don't know what happened...sorry

    Emerson said...

    The prisioner's plan didn´t worked because the rats were also afraid of the scythe. I think that a word that can describe the feeling of our friend is "fear", a near translation to portuguese could also lead us to "panic". At the end of third part story the scythe seemed to have saved our hero's life.
    Regarding to the next steps, I guess that it is unpredictable, but if I were our hero I would try to scape through the pit (remember that now he has a rope).

    carla said...


    You have a point there! With the rope and the hole, he could try to escape. But what's in there? What would he expect to find in the pit?

    Can you think of other ways to say that he was afraid, in panic?

    I really enjoy to see your ideas here. They are always witty and very creative!

    Wait for more soon.


    Anonymous said...

    I think the plan worked so far because the blade cut the rope. He felt very anxious until he got set free. He was terrified for his life. I think even though he escaped from the blade he still stuck in a scary room. After the blade cut the rope near his chest I think the storyteller´s next move will be to say that the prisioner was dreaming. He is going to wake up in Toledo, Spain.

    Fellipe Gatto

    Igor Bentim said...

    The prisoner, is very smart, since the moment that eats the bread and sees that this salty and wanted water.
    When it was to eat the meat thought two times before eating. Proved saw that the meat was salty and it did not eat more. Because after he eating the meat, he want the water. Leaving of side the piece of salty meat using it later to giving to the rats. Thus, the rats would gnaw the meat and the rope, being able to be freed. But the rats was scared too.

    Igor Bentim

    Anonymous said...


    The prisioner's plan didn't work because he expected that the rats would bit the rope and he would get free. However, the rats just to started to bit it and they ran away of frigh of the huge blade.
    He was in pain and screamed of fear. His body was shaking and he was frightened and scared because he didn't know if the blade would cut him. He was really trapped!
    In the end of third part, the blade of the pendulum bit and it cut the rope that was around in his body and he got free. I guess that the blade will not cut him and he will get to escape alive with the rat's help (ha ha)!

    carla said...

    Karen, Igor and Fellipe,

    I can see that you are getting more anxious than the prisoner to get to the end of the story! ;=))

    So, Fellipe, you think it's just a bad dream, huh? Karen, you believe that the rats will keep saving the man, right? How about you, Igor, what's your opinion about it? What will happen next?

    Great job you're doing, guys! I'm very proud of you!


    emerson said...

    Carla, I guess that the pit would be less dangerous to him than to stay waiting for his torturers, besides the rats came from the pit that can mean the pit isn't just a hole in the floor, it probably will have connections to pipes or horizontal tubes that can take him out from that prision. I know that the pit can also have water in its end, but he can still swim, well, and if the water will not be clean? What could he do? try not drink it, nothing can be so perfect.
    Others synonyms to feared, be afraid or panicked could be terrified, frightened (already mentioned here), dreaded, horrified and so on.

    Dayniton said...

    What should I say? everybody said that the plan didn't work..... but I have another point... if the rats were just guinea pigs? if the prisioner wanted just some blood in the blades to cut less.... anyway the rats weren't his plans failed...but I think he will jump in the blade...climb the rope that is fixed in the blade and get out... you never know what a crazy guy can write in a book or in a blog(if my english is wrong plese correct it to me)

    Anonymous said...

    Guys, you have a good imagination. Before reading your opinions, I didn´t have any ideas. After, I remember that there is a door in the ceeling and maybe he will jump in the pendulum and try to scape through the door.

    Anonymous said...

    I forgot to put that I wrote that.


    marilda said...

    Hi, Carla.
    The prisoner's plan didn't work completely. As he saw a lot of rats and he was terrified,petrified, he rubbed the spiced meat onto the rope that waw around this body.
    But when the rats were biting the rope, the huge blade frightened the rats and they ran away.
    I said "completely",because the rats ate part of the rope and this will help the prisoner.
    In the end of 3rd part, I guess the blade will cut the rest of the rope. After, the scythe will just touch one of his feet, but he will escape without any injury.
    Then,he prisoner will run of this place. A friend of him will find
    him alone in the street, and will take care of him.

    Please, Carla, give us the rest of the story, because I'm very anxious.

    4qu4tro said...

    I think this history is too fantastic. The blade certanly will cut his skin to, and there was blood and suffer...i think he will find an spinach can, and discover he is popay ... hahahaha