Sunday, August 20, 2006

I go on holiday for three weeks next Sunday

The photo is of the estuary in Harlech, Wales where I'll spend most of my holiday

Erika and Carla and all the 'Carlaites'.

I just wrote this in reply to a comment from Erika, but thought you might not all find it there. So this is a version to appear in the main part of the blog.

Sergio, I think it was (and apologies if it was someone else) asked me what it was like living in Germany. So I took my camera with me when my wife and I went to the market in the centre of town yesterday and I'm putting the results in a Bubbleshare presentation, a link to which you will get later today.

A week today I go off to England and Wales for three weeks on holiday.

I think I must lead you to the answers to my quiz.

(1) "Minus 3" or "Plus 5" is a very simple code. To see what the words are you go backwards or forwards in the alphabet.

TVOEBZ (Minus 1) means go backwards one letter in the alphabet:


Got it? (This is what young English kids say all the time, meaning: "Do you understand?)

(2) The rest of my questions, I think, are anagrams, the letters of the word re-arranged haphazardly (in no particular order). Don't fry your brains trying to guess the answers, just go to:

type in what I have written, and you should be able to find the word or words that are the ones I mean in the list produced.


carla said...

Dear Dennis,

Erika, my friend, was crazy about your anagrams! She got really excited when she found out what "Spruce Tom" was!

Is your wife jealous about it?

Thanks for providing us all with so much fun.



Dennis said...

Carla and Erika,

Is my wife jelous? Well..... She has made a few remarks about my going across the border to Enschede to meet a lady from South America. Perhaps she was glad we missed each other.

Just joking, of course. People from LwC have caused me no marital problems up to date.