Monday, September 04, 2006

Meet Sérgio

I´m Sergio. I´m 37 years old. I was born in Brasilia. My parents live in Brasilia. Their names are Miguel and Jeovalda. I have two brothers, Guilherme and Ricardo.

I´m a psychologist. I work at my own office and at a Court. I love my job. I like living in Brasilia. It´s a special city for me. It´s a modern and young city. I like the architecture, buildings, parks, avenues. I think that I will never live in another city. This is a great city to work, raise children and play sports. I like running at the City Park.

In my free time, I like reading a book, listening to music and meeting friends for dinner. Brasília has good movie theaters, but the theater programs are not good. If you want to see shows, musicals or a big play productions, you have to go to Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo.

I like to meet new people. I like talking about music, cinema, trips. If I had more time, I´d try dancing. When I was young, I loved to meet friends and go dancing. If I had more time, I´d take an acting course, too. I think that an actor´s work is admirable.


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Dennis said...

And last but not least - Sergio, also a psychologist, the second in the class, on the blog.

So you are a city man who loves it all, but wishes you had time to dance.

You mention that you work at court, and also have a practice. Do you work with all age-groups, or mostly with young people?

I'd be most intersted to hear what you have to say, professionally, about the "happy Brazilian". Is that a stereotype? Or do only happy Brazilians learn English?

Best wishes,