Monday, September 04, 2006

Meet Ramon

What can I say about my Brazilian life? I will start with the general topics. First, the most beatiful women are in Brazil and second, the beaches are unbelievable. It’s true when they say that the people are poor, but we are Brazilians and the Brazilians never give up.

Now I will tell them about my life. Oh! It’s a very difficult thing to do because I love everything that I do and I’m always in peace with life. But I will try. I never worry about the little things because as Bob Marley had said “every little thing is gonna be alright”.

I study biology and I have to study hard, but I like to study because I love biology. One day, you are going to see me on TV, newspapers, magazines and the firt pages will have these words “The first BRAZILIAN NOBEL PRIZE goes to Ramon Fernandez”.

I want to know all the world, travel a lot, speak many languages, have a lot of money, help people that realy need, get an Audi TT, and I don’t know what else I want. I`m going to stop here because I´d already said all that I wanted. I will finish with a litle thing. My favorite life motto is: “Don’t live your life so seriously because life is a crazy adventure in which we´ll never get away alive”.



Dennis said...


I'm so proud to be writing to a future Nobel prize-winner. As a matter of fact, and purely by chance, I did know slighty one Nobel Prize-winner, Sir Peter Medowar, a biologist. He was the father of my best friend Roger's first girl-friend, Caroline. He hadn't won the Nobel prize when I knew, but I did know him! (Caroline didn't marry Roger, and he's no longer my best friend because he said nasty things about Germans, and I'm now married to one).

So, Ramon, yet another happy Brazilian, contented with your life and enjoying it. What is the Brazilian secret? Is it the weather? Is it a gene you all inherit? Don't you Brazilians ever get disappointed, have broken love affairs that break your heart, feel depressed?
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, tell me your secret!



Ramon said...

Ohh Dennis,

My secret ... It's a big problem to say you what is. But you like a good person and I hope to help you to find this secret. My secret is: don't have a secret, don't worry with the things that not have to worry. Just live, the life is the secret and you will find your secret when you do the things that you know that this things is rigth to you. You have to know the power of the mind, how the chinese or japanese said (I don´t know who) - "heath mind, heath body".
Amazing Sir Peter Medowar, I hope to follow him and get a prize nobel too. The germans is great the top of genetics biologist are there. One day I will to there to learn so much and grow up to achieve my plans.

It's time to go... Was great your post. I like this so much.


Dennis said...


The Romans had the saying you were searching for - Mens sano in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Your philosophy interests me. You seem to be saying something like - concentrate on the present, live to the full, don't worry about things that cannot be altered and don't forget how powerful the mind can be.

Best wishes,