Monday, September 04, 2006

Meet Alexandre

My name is Alexandre. I was born in Campinas - SP, I’m thirty eight years old and I’m married to Anny. I have two daughters, Vanessa and Julia. Vanessa is my daughter of the first marriage. She is twenty years old, and Julia is my daughter with Anny. She is five years old.

I got married early, when I was only eighteen years old and was a father with the same age. I broke up 5 years after getting married.

And now I’m married for the second time. Anny is my dear friend and my love. We have a story together of fights and victories. She gave me my treasure: Julia. She is a lovely child and I´m often touched when I look at her. I love my family and always respected my parents. I thank to God for our lives and for the education I´ve received.

I’m a calm and friendly person; I often like to spend true moments with my friends and my family.

I’m happy when I can be with my dear only brother André. I love him so much. He is a wonderful guy. We never fought seriously. Sometimes we had some differences, but we always talked to each other and usually understood one another.

I like to play soccer, but I can´t play right now, because I had a surgery of reconstruction of the crossed joint of the knee about eight months ago. I’m doing exercises at the gym to strengthen my legs. I hope to restart playing soon. I usually think about this and sometimes it lets me down, but it isn’t a problem to me.

I traveled a lot while I worked for Cervejarias Kaiser Brazil, I got to know many states and cities in Brazil. Now I’m unemployed and I’m looking for a job in the marketing area. I finished my MBA in Marketing Strategical Management at FGV about two weeks ago. The occupation that I’m looking for could be in marketing or sales too. I like both of them. I’m amazed by the many possibilities that marketing can provide us in business and administration.

My family really loves Brasília. We like so much the quality of life and I’m sure it’s very good to spend our childhood here. We usually enjoy such a wonderful city.

I love gospel music; it makes me feel very well. It makes me think a lot. I’ve had lots of pleasant moments.

I like to travel and know other places. I´ve never traveled abroad. I have a dream which is to improve my English classes and be fluent in this language. I like it so much too. I hope to be a good speaker of English soon, but I known it’s necessary to study hard.



It was a pleasure to see your video and hear the audio slide. Germany is a wonderful country. Thank´s a lot!


1) Please, Dennis, can you inform us about other countries in Europe? Do you know another beautiful country like Germany?

2) How was the World Cup Germany? Did you see the final game?



Dennis said...


I remember you from the very beginning because, since I couldn't see you, I couldn't work out whether you were male or female.

We have at least two things in common, Alexandre, twice married and problematical knees. I think I did something slight to mine a couple of years ago coming down a mountain in Wales. I think the strain on knees is worse coming down than going up - going up is hardest on the lungs.

Thanks for writing about yourself, you tell us a lot and it is interesting to read.

And you are the THIRD member of this blog, along with your family, who love your life.

Very, very best wishes in your search for a new job.

I should have written in the other comments that I find your wirtten English excellent. The three of you that I have read so far all manage to communicate clearly with no difficulty whatsoever. There may be the odd mistake here and there, but nothing that stops the communication or makes one giggle.

Best wishes,


Dennis said...


You also asked about the World Cup in Germany, and about other beautiful European countries.

I did see the World Cup on TV, but I'm not much of a football fan, to be honest, so I can't make intelligent comments. What impressed me was the atmosphere in the towns and cities around Germany where matches were played. So many foreigners commented that the Germans were far friendlier than they had expected. I experienced the atmosphere in Cologne and Berlin, and it was great - a party atmosphere.

Frankly, I'd say there are many European countries that are even prettier than Germany - Switzerland, Italy, the UK (if you accept that it is in Europe).

Do you know that you can do a Google search for images? The option comes up when you type in, for example: Italy, Brazil, England etc. Try it and see.


carla said...

Dear Dennis,

Alexandre is now traveling to Egypt and Israel. When he comes back, I'm sure he'll have a lot to tell us!