Monday, September 04, 2006

Meet José Henrique

I was born here in Brasilia ( a note from the teacher: he is from the first generation born in Brasília!). My parents came to this city in the period of its building. They are from Minas Gerais.

I have four brothers, one sister and many relatives. It´s a great family.

I had a great childhood and I grew up in a peaceful family. We always had a simple life...It´s not easy to take care of six children! When I was 15, I started working. It was a second school for me.

Nowadays, I have my family and I can´t complain about life. I like to work, but I always try to find time to stay with my family, my friends. I like to travel every year...

I´ve practiced walking and jogging three times a week in the morning, but I´m sure I still have to find a good sport to practice. I think I have a good lifestyle, always trying to run away from stress...It can still be better, of course.

All those things make me a calm person and help me get along with people.

José Henrique

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Dennis said...

Jose Henrique,

Proud to know one of the founders of the first-generation population of Brasilia!

Another contented Brazilian who enjoys his family, his work, his life - though I'm sure in large families existence must often be something of a struggle. And it is sometimes difficult squaring work with family. I've just scored some minus points by arranging to fly to a conference in Hungary on our wedding anniversary and return late in the evening on my wife's birthday!

Good luck and greetings,