Monday, September 04, 2006

Meet Salejandra

Hello, Dennis,

My name is Salejandra. I´ve lived in Brasilia since 1968 when I was born. I have three brothers and only one sister. They are married and have many children. My mother lives far from me in Planaltina (a city near Brasilia).

I love music, movie and books. I love my work and my friends. When I was 21 years old, I opened my own business. I worked very hard in the beginning. Now I work enough, I think. I have a good life. I love traveling and I´m going to Amsterdam and Prague next year. I´ve never been to Germany before, but now I want to visit the country to change my opinion about the German people. I´d love if you could tell me more about Germany. If you want, I could tell you more about my city.

I have some questions to you:
  • Have you ever been to Brazil?
  • What do you think about the Brazilian way of life?
  • Do you like music? Which Brazilian musicians do you know?



Dennis said...


The first syllable of your name - sale - is very appropriate for someone who has (or had) a company of their own. (That was an English joke, please laugh).

You are the FOURTH person to tell me how much you enjoy your life. It is very refreshing reading about all you happy people. Regrettably, I've never been to Brazil or, indeed, to any part of your side of the world.

Amsterdam, and Prague (and Berlin and London) are places I know reasonably well, though. My step-son lives in Prague and Berlin, and my adopted African son lives in London, so if you want any tips for your journey next year, don't hesitate to write to me off-list.

I love all kinds of music, but, off-hand, I can't think of anything Brazilian. Do educate me by sending me a name or a link. Do it on this blog so that we call listen to what you recommend.

Thanks for introducing youself,

Best wishes,


P.S. I just looked at Brazil on the map on my study door. What a GIGANTIC country it is - it looks about 12 times the size of Germany.

Salejandra said...

Hi Dennis,

I agree with you about my name, and everybody here, in this class, has a happy live, because Brasilia is the capital of Brazil and eveybody here has a good live. everybody is paid well and has a good job and a good life, too. They live in their own houses or apartment and Brasilia has the most beautiful sky i´ve seen. there are lots of trees all over the city. i think here is the perfect place to live . later i´m going to tell you a litte bit about brazilian music.

Dennis said...


Just to say I'm back from Hungary and shall bae looking at our wonderful blog regularly to see what you are all up to.