Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A musical request from Dennis

Hello, friends in Brazil.

I have a request.

First, go here:

The Blues Verstaerker

This a small group I have belonged to for 13 years. We are 'the blues supporters'. We don't play music, but we arrange a blues festival once a year and up to 600 people come. We now have financial support from the city of Osnabrueck and a local bank, so we have been able to invite musicians from abroad, though we usually grab people when they are on an Europen tour - it is cheaper for us.

If you click around the BV (Blues Verstaerker)site, clicking on the piano keys you will find 'Lawine' (waterfall) and the photos and sound clips from the 12 concerts that there have been. (In Introduction you will also find photos of us drinking beer and pretending to plan.

You may also notice that we do regular radio broadcasts.


Are there any Brazilian blues bands? Can you send me any links?

I'd like to do a broadcast on our local radio station on Brazilian Blues - if there are any!!!



carla said...

Dear Dennis,

Amazing how many things you do!!! I knew you liked music, but organizing a blues festival is another story....

I'll send your message to the group. I'm sure Salejandra and Antônio can help you out and would be glad to do so! Salejandra knows everybody in town and she was a muscial producer once!

Great to know more what you are up to!

Beijos with Brazilian Rhythm!


janaína said...

Hi Dennis,

I don't know well about Blues Bands, but I know one. It´s called The Not Yeat Famous Blues Band.
As the name says, I think that they are a kind of "experimental" band.

In this link you can download a video.

Not Yet Famous Blues Band
(High is the mountain)

Good lucky!


Dayniton said...

Hi dennys,

Unfortunately the blues rhythm are not so popular in brazil, as salejandra said, here in brazil, we creat a lot of new rhythms, BOSSA NOVA was some of ours creations, and it came from blues!... I'm sorry but I couldn't find any site for you. My favorite rhythm is hip hop/rap and hard rock.... We have a lot of bands in brazil playing these styles... like "Marcelo D2"(hip-hop) and "Nx Zero"(hard rock)

Salejandra said...

Hi, Dennis,

I know two great Blues Bands in Brasilia, OFICINA BLUES BAND and BRAZILIAN
. Haroldinho Matos is the best guitar player that I know and he plays in OFICINA BLUES. I think Antonio (from our group) knows Haroldinho because he plays the drums with Dino (Bateras Beat)who was an oficina blues band's drummer.

I think Antonio is the best person to help you, Dennis.


carla said...

Dear Dennis,

I'll talk to Antônio tomorrow and ask him to give you some tips.