Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More on music

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Carla, Janaina, Dayniton,Salejandra,

Thanks so very much for all your information about blues bands. If I do a broadcast sometime next year, I will post a link to the recording here.

Ironically, I am rather more fond of Mozart than blues, though I enjoy the atmosphere in live concerts, and I very much enjoy working on the preparation of the annual blues concert with my friends.

As far as my own playing is concerned, with a professional musician friend and bass and violin and far too much electronics I have made a couple of CDs of....Celtic music.

I'll look for a photo, and later I'll see if I can upload a track of one of the two CDs.

I play the recorder - you know, the plastic thing (but mine is wood) that in many countries kids in primary schools learn to play.

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