Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Meet Lísias

Hello, Dennis!

I'm Lísias. I was born in Uberaba, MG, Brazil. I have been living in Brasilia, the Capital of Brazil since 1985. I'm married and I have 04 kids: a boy 12, a girl 07 and twin boys 04. I love them. I'm a businessman. We have a company that sells computer network components. I love plants and on the weekends I work on my garden a lot. I love music, too. I like some sports: mountain biking, swimming and running.

That´s it!

Dennis, nice to meet you.


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Dennis said...


Nice to meet you, too. You sseem to have a well-balanced life - children, a business, sport, music and gardening. I've just returned from a week in Hungary, and I'm a little disorientated. My body is in Germany - our lawn needs cutting - but the pictures in my head are still of Hungary.

Best wishes,