Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Meet Leolita

I'm sorry, people, today is not a good day to say something about me. I am so sad because last week I lost one of my sisters. But, untortunately, death is part of life too. Our family is trying to keep the life on and I know that through time, things will be ok again.




carla said...

Dear Leolita,

You must be suffering a lot, but as you mentinoned only time to ease the pain...Then, what stays is the memory of good times and the lessons your sister taught your family.

You are in our prayers.


Dennis said...


I was terribly sorry to read your sad news. It is good that you told us, though. We can't do much to help, but at least, since we know, you might feel slightly less alone.

Sincere best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Dear Carla and Dennis,

Thank you for your kind words.In this moments, friends are our support. I've really apreciated hearing from you. I am feeling better.

Kisses for you two.