Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Meet Karen

I was born in Brasília. I'm married and I have two children.
I'm architect, but I used to work in my husband's office. Now I don't work anymore, I quit.
I'm looking for new things, maybe working in my own store.

My kids are grown up, and now I have more time.
I love traveling, and I love the winter even live in Brazil I don't like the summer and beach.
The best place I have been is New York. the city is great, the buildings are beautiful and I loved to walk in the street and see the snow.

On the weekends I go out with my family, we go the movie, restaurants and the shooping mall on Sundays I´m going to the church and work in the School Bible with kids.
I have a good life, I'm blessed.


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Dennis said...



I love the idea of your quitting from your husband's office!

It sounds to me as if you are on the search for a new direction. Is practising your English part of that project?

Best wishes,