Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dennis is back from Hungary

Esztergom Hungary
For the last week, I was at a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) conference in Esztergom, Hungary. I got back late last night. I will read the new introductions and answer them today or tomorrow.

Best wishes to you all.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis,

Welcome back.

How fascinating is to imagine so many and interesting places you know. I love to travel. This is one of reasons I'm studying English. I think if I can speak English very well, it's the first step to have a good comunication in the most part of the world. Off corse, it isn't enought because inside of the countries, usually people speak only local language. But it's impossible to know every language. I've never tryied to learn German because I can't imagine how to join so many consonants in the same word and the pronouncing is so difficult for me.

By the way,I've seen your picture with Anke. You are a great couple. Wouldn't she like to take part of our group too?

There are many things we can talk about. But, for now, I think it's ok.



Dennis said...


I have only just seen your message. I am supposed to get a notice every time someone writes, but the function does not always work. I think you'd find after a while that German wasn't particularly hard to pronounce, except for some of the rounded vowel sounds. What is REALLY difficult is the article system. Every noun is either asculine, feinine or neuter - die, der, das. That's hard! I'm afraid Anke is so busy, she still teaches at the university once a week - intercultural education - and she is so busy on committees and with writing, that she has little time for what she rudely calls my "playing on the computer". :-))