Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dennis in Africa (Ghana, West Africa) 1961

The children were not mine. (I had only just arrived in the country). They were extremely curious about the European (me) who had just moved into a flat in their district.


carla said...

Dear Dennis,

I love old, black and white photos. One of my passions is photography!

Thanks for sharing your Africa Memories!

Great photo.


Dayniton said...

Please carla... be polite... the photo is black and white... but isn't that old... So dennis how was africa? what you can tell us about those kids?

Dennis said...

Carla and Daniton,

The photo was taken at the end of 1961. That was a long time ago! The children all came from somewhere nearby, and they were fascinated to have a white person living amongst them. I was the only one.