Monday, February 20, 2006

Let's Start

Dear students,

It's a pleasure to be with you. Let's learn English through music.

Today, I'd like you to listen to Buffygirls's song at

After enjoying the song and paying attention to the lyrics, please, comment in the "comment area". Talk about the following:
What do you HAVE TO do when you love someone?

I'm anxiously waiting for your replies.

See you next class.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carla,

I'm very happy for being your student. It was a pleasure to meet you this morning. I hope to deserve your trust.

By the way, I didn't understand almost noting about the song.

Personally, I think that when a I love someone I have to show how strong is my love for him; I have to try to win him over day by day and, finaly, I have to keep him always under my eyes.



carla said...

Dear Leolita,

The pleasure is mine! I could feel from the class to day that we'll have a wonderful time together with much interaction and learning.

I totally agree with you about your opinion about showing your love to someone. I feel the same. Sometimes we kind of neglect the beloved one, but you're right, we have to show him/her how much we love him/her and "feed" this love so that it doesn't get dormant.

As for the song, could you tell me what the problem was? You couldn't understand the idea, the lyrics...What? Maybe others in our group could tell you what they understood.

Thanks for your kind words.
See you next class.


Anonymous said...


It's a love song, I guess. But I couldn't understand what she was saying. I have some problems with listening. I understood the frase "I could be with you forever" and an other untied words a long the song.



carla said...

Hi, Leolita,

While you were listening to the song, didn't you see the lyrics? As Buffy sings, you can follow the song on your computer screen. If you are having problems with that, I can show you how it works.

See you in class.


Anonymous said...


I bag your pardon for my few knowledge about blogs.

Now I could see the lyrics. After that I could understand it better.

Thank you so much.

Have a nice holiday!


Salejandra said...

Hi Carla,
I agree with you and Leolita, but I just want to say a litte things about love: Evereyone needs to love a litte more. In our lifetime, we should love more than once, but to spend the most important monents by our side we must choose the right one.

carla said...

Hi, Salejandra,

I totally agree with you!!! That's why I've loved a lot throughout my life, but my matching soul, the one that I've been together for 10 years, Rodrigo, is my chosen beloved one!

Thanks for you deep contribution.

See you next week.


Antônio Augusto said...

Hello personal,

I think the love is the most important and deeper feeling than a human being can feel, not only the love for a person, but the love for the life, and that feeling for the life consists to love all our pillars. Those pillars are everything that moves us for the happiness: our family, our friends, our lovers, our profession, our routine, our country and many other. Therefore, to love is the fuel to build and to maintain those pillars, in that way conceiving our happiness.

Now answering the question, I think when I am loving a person, I have to cultivate that love everyday and that cultivation is composed by several actions of the daily, from of a simple affectionate kiss or until marrying. I make everything to be able to build the love for the loved person, like this forming one of the pillars that constitutes my life.


Antônio Augusto

carla said...


I was impressed by your deep comments about love. And it is certainly true that this feeling we call love is the foundation of our own existence. Without loving and being loved, life has no meaning.

Also, I agree with you that we need to "feed" our love and show that we care,that we are there for the beloved one.

Your girlfriend is a lucky woman!!!

Hope to see you next class.


marilda said...

Hi, Carla.
I loved a lot the song.
In fact the love is the most important feeling.
When we are in love, we have to take care him, tell him how we
love him. It's important to have
fun together, in the bad moments and in the happy moments too.
It's bad when the love falls in the routine. It's better to be creative, laugh together, know new
places and new people.
In fact, it's important to feed the
Me, I', a romantic person. I love a lot romantic songs, ....

kelly said...

I liked the song. I's good to heard.
I believe that girl loves someone and missing his. She wants to show her love. it's hard to do it, mainly, if you ins't being recognized. But if you didn't do, the other person never will know.

Anonymous said...


When you love someone, you have to say that for him and to live each moment with the loved person. I think that the people have to be more sincere and true with another ones. As Renato Russo said, it's necessary to love the people like if the tomorrow there wasn't.

Sérgio said...

Carla and friends, I have been thinking about the first question "What do you have to do when you love someone?". The question got me thinking about another question: What do you have to do when you desire someone? Desire and love can walk together or not. Love demands commitment, knowledge and routine. Desire is an inevitable feeling, that can't be explained. Love is a safe haven. Desire is an unpredictable and unknown path...There isn't more intense experience than desire or be desire by someone. It's not a choice, the desire assaults us. So, what do you have to do when you desire someone? Are you afraid of your desire?
Bye. Sérgio.

Anonymous said...


Hi Carla,
Excuse me for my lack, I'm really busy with mey job. :-(
See you tomorrow.